Company Information

Message from the President

Hakusuisha brings joy and inspiration to people through space.

Based on our management philosophy of “endeavoring to achieve both customer satisfaction and finding joy in work,” we will carry on to the next generation the company’s “commitment to thorough quality,” which is engrained in its DNA and cultivated over more than 70 years of history, and we will continue to seek higher stages of performance as an assembly of professional craftsmen exceeding customer expectations.

Above all else, we love craftsmanship.
It is our passion for craftsmanship that continues to drive us to seek higher quality.

President and CEO Yamaguchi, Shinichi

Management Philosophy/Management Policy

Management Philosophy

Hakusuisha is constantly endeavoring to achieve both customer satisfaction and finding joy in work.

Management Policy

Hakusuisha is a small assembly of highly-skilled professionals

Hakusuisha’s logomark concept

The Hakushisha logomark symbolizes our stance to adapt quickly to the changing times while promoting harmonious and creative corporate activities based on solid concepts.
It is a powerful design representing our balanced and flexible corporate philosophy and approach while encompassing two opposing or coexisting phenomena.