Company Information

Message from the President

Hakusuisha is a company dedicated to turning the world’s ideals into reality, enhancing lifestyles and daily experiences through spatial design.

Our management philosophy states that, "Hakusuisha, together with our customers, is shaping the culture of the era." With this philosophy in mind, our "commitment to every aspect of quality" that runs deep in our company’s DNA has been passed down through successive generations for over 75 years. As a professional team of craftspeople and a company that shapes the culture of the era, we are dedicated to striving for the future.

Craftsmanship is at the core of who we are.
Our deep commitment to it is the driving force behind our quest for quality.

President and CEO Yamaguchi, Shinichi

Management Philosophy/Management Policy

Management Philosophy

Hakusuisha, together with our customers, is shaping the culture of the era

Management Policy

Hakusuisha strives to be the best partner company for our clients

Hakusuisha’s logomark concept

The Hakushisha logomark symbolizes our stance to adapt quickly to the changing times while promoting harmonious and creative corporate activities based on solid concepts.
It is a powerful design representing our balanced and flexible corporate philosophy and approach while encompassing two opposing or coexisting phenomena.