Our Business

Business Scope

  • Commercial spaces
  • Event spaces
  • Cultural and Public spaces
  • Hospitality spaces
  • Business spaces
  • Others

Hakusuisha is a comprehensive display company designing spaces where large numbers of people gather around the country.
We are meticulous about the quality of those spaces, and continue to comprehensively meet the needs of our customers as a one-stop shop from planning to design, layout, construction, maintenance, all the way through to operation and sales promotions.

Hakusuisha’s Space Creation

  • Soft-end Consulting (Planning/Design/Layout)

    We take into consideration everything from construction to commercial and exhibition spaces and the various tools concerned to offer consulting services on planning, designs, and layouts based on our extensive experience and analysis. From original ideas to straight out of the manual, we meet our customers’ demands and propose the best solutions from the users’ perspective by utilizing our individual creativity and design power.

  • Quality (Production/Construction)

    In order to continue to satisfy strict construction standards and the tough demands of our customers, we take great pride in Hakusuisha Quality. So that our customers can feel the prominence of that quality in all related areas, we are implementing new initiatives, such as a variety of learning opportunities that include safety training and construction workshops, and the organization of a “Hakusuisha Construction Manual,” in addition to our wealth of experience.

  • Four Communication Opportunities

    As a location progresses, there are four basic meetings that we place great value upon (kick-off, pre-order, pre-construction, feedback). All relevant personnel are gathered (from planning, design, and layout personnel to development and promotion personnel) in order to ensure all tasks meet our customers’ needs at a high standard of responsiveness, cost-effectiveness, and quality.

  • Comprehensive Care (Promotion/Maintenance)

    We communicate and disseminate sales promotion activities to enhance the value of the completed space and attract customers thereafter. We are able to provide a consistent approach precisely because we are involved in the creation of the space, and we will propose and provide comprehensive branding.
    A dedicated representative is assigned to the facility after it opens to respond to maintenance matters and handle customers’ needs quicker and more appropriately.

Work flow

  • Planning/Investigation

    Various investigations and planning
    Basic concept and consulting
    Branding plan

  • Design/Layout

    Concept/Basic plan
    Basic layout/Final design
    Signs & Graphics planning
    Lighting plan/Construction plan
    Government approval/Budget adjustment

  • Production/Construction

    Design management
    Construction management
    (safety, quality, schedule, cost, morality)
    Order supervision/Factory inspection
    Various inspections/Industrial waste separation

  • Operation

    Sales promotion/Event promotion
    PR support/Aftercare and maintenance